• Interior, colorful blown glass pendant decorations on the ceiling
  • Table setting in a decorated dining area with artworks and blown glass decorations
  • Interior, dining tables with table items
  • Interior, paintings on a wall in the dining area
  • Interior, private seating area with plant pot decoration and a painting on the wall

LebnaniHouse Restaurant


Lebnani house draws its inspiration from classic Levantine cuisine, serving authentic flavors from the Arabian plate - with traces of modern-day fusion. 

Even today, the way of centuries-old Levantine cooking continues to influence local dishes from the region through shared culinary traditions catered to the dined and refined connoisseurs of the Arabic cuisine I. Serving homemade dishes prepared by expert chefs, Lebnani House is a tribute to the Arabic hospitality, tribute to the rising flavors that are a part of our history, a definition of our roots and a map of our culinary evolution.